Oil & Gas

Hawkeye Imagery is on the front foot in drone technology and its applications for both onshore and offshore rigs. We acknowledge the complexities and technicalities working on these sites and adhere to all occupational, health and safety requirements. Our specialised technology is equipped with safety as a priority and will provide the clients with the appropriate UAV technology depending on what issue needs to be resolved. Our services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Gas leaks detection using thermographic imaging
  • Real-time air quality detection and analysis of potentially dangerous sites
  • Structural integrity inspections
  • Corrosion detection
  • Pipeline and tank inspections
  • Flare tip inspections

It is often necessary to obtain samples in difficult locations where humans may be exposed to dangerous chemicals. Hawkeye Imagery has the solution and provides a safe alternative to operate their drones with specialised sensors that provide real-time monitoring and mapping of air quality from a safe distance.

This easy and complete air-quality monitoring system is most effective in:

  • Detecting presence of chemical pollutants
  • Air-quality detection in the plume smoke of a flume
  • Gas leak detection along pipelines
  • Waste or evaporative ponds
  • Sample stacks

Hawkeye Imagery is the leader in safe flying. All our flying equipment is geared for safety to minimise impact on personnel and assets.