Aerial Inspection

Aerial Inspection

Hawkeye Imagery’s asset inspection services concept originated from developing wind farms in the UK.

Our two key objectives during inspections are:

  1. Reduce operational downtime of the plant & assets
  2. Provide the safest work environment for both the personnel and drone operators

We operate specialised drones equipped with high resolution cameras to assess inaccessible or dangerous structures from a safe distance. This removes the possibility of someone getting seriously injured or worse. Our live feed HD video gives inspectors and operators the advantage of making on-the-spot decisions at the base station which can later be analysed in more detail at headquarters.

To enhance the safety of the equipment, staff and property, our internal flying equipment is equipped with collision avoidance safety frames. It can also be launched and retrieved safely in all environments.

Our inspections services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Building roof maintenance inspections and reporting
  2. Powerline and tower inspections
  3. Substation and infrastructure
  4. Mining infrastructure
  5. Wind turbine blades, nacelles and towers
  6. Chemical plants and refineries
  7. Interior inspections of commercial building fires for insurance
  8. Bridges – above and under
  9. Off shore infrastructure, pipelines and platforms
  10. Solar panel and thermal inspections
  11. Heritage listed buildings and 3D modelling for cost analysis of repairs