Thermal Imagery

Thermographic imaging is a high-tech service that uses a heat-vision camera which can see the unseen to detect heat variance. Flying at night time is optimal to capture the most accurate temperature variances.

NOTE: Hawkeye Imagery is one of the first licenced operators in Australia to be granted an exception from Civil Aviation Safety Authority to fly at night.

Our services let us pinpoint areas of thermal loss in infrastructure, heavy machinery or other structural issues. This gives confidence in the accuracy of the analytics provided to the personnel and facilities managers.

Hawkeye Imagery provide both interior and aerial solutions in using the superior FLIR Vue Pro R thermal camera as a handheld for ground-based inspections or attached to one of our specialised drones for airborne inspections.

All our drones are attached with a standard vision camera and a thermal FLIR camera giving dual screen visibility and allows us to assess the darkest of environments safely.

Thermal imaging services that Hawkeye Imagery can provide, but are not limited to:

  • 3D Thermal Imaging modelling
  • Building and rooftop inspections, monitoring and reporting
  • Thermal surveying
  • Substation inspections
  • Post bush fire hot-spot detection
  • Security
  • Mining and resources heat-combustion prevention