Precision Agriculture

Hawkeye Imagery was originally founded to be used in Precision Agriculture and Geographical Information Science (GIS). With a strong knowledge in agriculture and understanding in these fields, Hawkeye Imagery has since evolved and collaborated with some of the biggest agricultural researchers in Western Australia.

Our specialised DJI and Agribotix equipment consists of both multi copters and fixed wing UAVs fitted with a Near-Infrared Camera and a High Definition survey camera. With our in-house agricultural and GIS experts, we perform Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) modelling, comparison and monitoring of horticultural, viticultural and agricultural fields/paddocks.

The mapping of NDVI is a valuable tool for farmers to identify those areas in their fields that are distressed, pest/weed infested, poorly irrigated or diseased that otherwise may go undetected. Once these areas are identified through mapping, the agronomists and farmers can ground-truth the data and take appropriate action in treating the issue.

Every year representatives from Hawkeye Imagery attend field days across the Wheatbelt to give presentations and demonstrations on Drones in Agriculture. We advise that you seek assistance from Drone Operators that are CASA certified and that can prove they understand the technology, its applications and interpret the data.